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Cambridge Healthtech Institute Training Seminars offer real-life case studies, problems encountered, and solutions applied, along with extensive coverage of the academic theory and background. Each training seminar offers a mix of formal lecture and interactive discussions and activities to maximize the learning experience. These training seminars are led by experienced instructors who will focus on content applicable to your current research and provide important guidance for those new to their fields.

Monday, 14 November 2022 8:30-18:00 (IN-PERSON ONLY)

Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies: History, Engineering, and Application

Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies will be organized as an informative and practical guide to get up to speed on critical aspects of bispecific antibody therapeutics. Topics will include historical successes, failures, and lessons learned. Specific practical instruction will span mechanisms of action, engineering, developability, regulatory considerations, and translational guidelines. Perspectives on ideal implementation of bispecifics as targeted and immunomodulatory approaches will be discussed.

Topics to be Covered:

  • A brief history of bispecific antibodies: 60 years of progress with critical advances and key pioneers
  • Bispecific applications and powerful mechanisms of action
  • Engineering bispecific antibodies: 100 formats and counting
  • Bispecific-specific considerations in preclinical development and regulatory landscape
  • Developability, manufacturing, and analytical considerations
  • Clinical experience, translation, and regulatory approval
  • Current trends and future opportunities in regulating immune checkpoints, cell-based therapies, and personalized approaches


Rainey_G. JonahG. Jonah Rainey, PhD, Vice President, Antibody Engineering, AlivaMab Discovery Services

Jonah Rainey holds a PhD in Biochemistry from Tufts University and completed postdoctoral training at the University of Wisconsin and the Salk Institute. He has engaged in discovery, research, and development of bispecific antibodies for more than 15 years. He is an inventor on several patents describing novel bispecific platforms and current clinical candidates that exploit these platforms. Jonah contributed to research and early development of multiple clinical candidates in phase 1 and 2, and led many advanced preclinical programs in oncology, infectious disease, autoimmunity, and other therapeutic areas. Previous industry experience includes MacroGenics, MedImmune/AZ, Oriole Biotech and Gritstone Oncology.

Training Seminar Information

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