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In silico prediction, engineering and design are changing the way drugs will be discovered, designed and optimized in the future. These tools are still in their early development and much needs to be learned on how to adapt them for use in antibody and vaccine discovery, training, prediction, developability, simulation and optimization.

Scientific Advisory Board:
     M. Frank Erasmus, PhD, Head, Bioinformatics, Specifica, Inc. 
     Victor Greiff, PhD, Associate Professor, Oslo University Hospital
     Maria Wendt, PhD, Global Head and Vice President, Digital and Biologics Strategy and Innovation, Sanofi

Recommended Short Course*
Monday, 13 November, 14:00 – 17:00
SC1: Machine Learning Tools for Protein Engineering
*Separate registration required. See short courses page for details. All short courses take place in-person only.

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